David Keane is committed to putting victims first and ensuring that victims’ services in Cheshire offer the right type of support to help victims cope with and recover from their ordeal.

The Commissioner is responsible for commissioning local support services for victims of crime in Cheshire and has committed £160,000 which projects that help victims with specialist needs can bid for.

Money is being awarded to projects that specifically support:
• victims under the age of 18
• victims with mental health issues
• victims at risk of exploitation
• victims of hate crime.

The Supporting Victims Fund is split into four separate pots of funding with £40,000 available for each priority area; this may be allocated to one project in full or shared between multiple projects which support that particular priority.

Applications for the Supporting Victims Fund will be accepted from a range of organisations, including voluntary and community organisations, charities, community interest companies, local authorities or any other public sector providers.

All successful applicants will be required to have their project up-and-running by the October 2018 and will be supported by the fund for up-to 12 months.


If you will be working with children or vulnerable adults you will be required to confirm you have policies and procedures relating to Safeguarding Children and/or Vulnerable Adults that are in accordance with national guidelines and any guidance issued by the relevant Local Safeguarding Adults Board and/or Local Safeguarding Children Board.

Further advice and support can be found via the local board websites which can be found below:

Local Safeguarding Children Boards

Pan Cheshire Local Safeguarding Children Board Procedures Manual

Cheshire East Local Safeguarding Children Board

Cheshire West & Chester Local Safeguarding Children Board

Halton Local Safeguarding Children Board

Warrington Local Safeguarding Children Board

Local Safeguarding Adult Boards

Cheshire East Local Safeguarding Adults Board

Cheshire West & Chester Local Safeguarding Adults Board

Halton Local Safeguarding Adults Board

Warrington Local Safeguarding Adults Board