The Commissioner is committed to working collaboratively with other Commissioners, police services and partner organisations for the benefit of the people of Cheshire.

Bluelight Collaboration

Cheshire Fire Authority and the Commissioner have committed to collaborate in the best interests of the communities they serve while ensuring the two organisations unique brand and identity are maintained. A major programme was approved in December 2015 and work is now underway on a ground breaking collaboration programme to protect front line emergency services in Cheshire. The programme fits with the Government’s desire for closer working between emergency services.

The programme will establish a single, shared headquarters by 2018 and create a single employer for integrated support functions providing services to both organisations. It is estimated that the collaboration will produce significant combined annual savings and help to minimise the impacts of the current financial challenges facing frontline services.

Multi-Force Shared Service

The Multi-Force Shared Service (MFSS), based at Cheshire Police Headquarters, was launched in April 2012 and manages and delivers support services to police forces in a way which improves efficiency, creates new and improved processes, and delivers value for money.

MFSS is a partnership between Cheshire Constabulary, Northamptonshire Police, Nottinghamshire Police and the Civil Nuclear Constabulary. Cheshire Fire Authority will join in April 2018. Oversight is provided by a Joint Oversight Committee comprising the Commissioners and Chief Constables for each area.

MFSS received the 2015 Award for Value Creation at the Shared Service and Outsourcing Network European Excellence Awards in May 2015.

The ambition is that forces, and potentially other blue light services, will continue to join the partnership and so create greater economies of scale for all organisations involved.

Regional Collaboration

The Police & Crime Commissioners and forces in the North West region have entered into collaborative agreements for the provision of a range of policing services. A Joint Oversight Committee consisting of the Commissioners and Chief Constables of the six forces in the North West Region (Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside and North Wales) sets the strategic direction and provides oversight of collaborative activity. The current collaborations are listed below:

TITAN: The North West Regional Organised Crime Unit was established in 2009 to tackle serious and organised crime which crosses county borders within the region.

North West Motorway Patrol Group: A collaboration which is led by Cheshire and involves Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Lancashire police. The Group, which was set up in 2008 in partnership with the Highway Agency, is responsible for policing the motorway network in the North West.

Underwater Search and Marine Unit: This Unit operates across the North West providing a specialist team of police officers who are experienced in search and recovery operations.

North West Chronicle Collaboration: Chronicle is a computer system that manages training and operations for specialist functions (armed policing, public order, search, dogs and armoury). The main purpose of the collaboration is to standardise and merge six regional systems into one.

North West Strategic Roads Automatic Number Plate Recognition: This collaboration involves Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside, Cumbria and North Wales. The collaboration has strong links to the North West Motorway Policing Group as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is identified as an effective method of providing protective services across the region’s strategic road network.

North West (NW) Regional Firearms Policy Collaboration: This collaboration is aimed at delivering standardised joint training and methods of working between the six forces in the North West.

Cheshire and North Wales Firearms Alliance: Cheshire and North Wales have entered into a collaboration arrangement for the provision of Firearms Officers which enables a team of specially trained officers to deploy quickly to incidents in Cheshire and North Wales.


 Armed Policing Alliance  July 2014
 Collaborative Services Agreement  July 2014
 Multi-Force Share Service Agreement   August 2015