Who makes decisions?

Decisions are taken by the Police & Crime Commissioner who will consult as appropriate the Chief Executive, the Chief Finance Officer, the Chief Constable and other officers or agencies. Other officers may make decisions in accordance with the Scheme of Consent approved by the Commissioner and published on the website.

Decisions will be taken at programmed meetings of the Management Board, the dates of which are available on the Commissioner’s website. The Commissioner will preside at Management Board meetings. Where the Commissioner is absent from a meeting the Deputy Commissioner (if elected) shall preside, but shall not take any decision on matters reserved to the Commissioner. These matters are:

  • Issuing a Police and Crime Plan
  • Determining Police and Crime objectives
  • Attending meetings of a Police and Crime Panel in compliance with a requirement by the Panel to do so
  • Preparing an annual report
  • Appointing and suspending the Chief Constable or calling upon the Chief Constable to retire or resign, and
  • Calculating a budget requirement

The Management Board is a joint governance arrangement which will enable the Commissioner and the Chief Constable to work in partnership and adopt a collaborative approach, whilst deciding matters within their legal competence in each other’s presence.

As such, the Chief Constable will also take decisions at Management Board meetings which relate to his legal powers and duties. If the Commissioner and the Chief Constable agree that it would be conducive to the nature of the business to be conducted the Chief Constable may also preside at Management Board meetings on occasions.

The public may attend meetings of the Management Board and the Commissioner will aim to be as open and transparent as possible when making decisions. However, on some occasions reports will contain confidential information which will be considered in private.

How can I find out what us being considered?

An agenda for the Management Board is published on the Commissioner’s website, as soon as possible in advance of the meeting. Dates of future meetings are also published.

Urgent decisions may be taken outside of Management Board meetings if the circumstances require such decisions and the Commissioner accepts the reasons for urgency. However, this urgency procedure will only be used in exceptional circumstances.

The Commissioner may also take management decisions outside of meetings of the Management Board. Management Decisions are those decisions within existing budget, strategy or policy and will be made by the Commissioner as appropriate.

How can I find out what decisions have been taken?

As soon as practicable after a meeting the following will be available on the Commissioner’s website:

  • The notes of the meeting, including a brief summary of any proceedings of the meeting not open to the public without disclosing any exempt or confidential information considered
  • A copy of signed decision reports relating to items when the meeting was open to the public, and
  • A record of any conflict of interest /discloseable pecuniary interest declared by the Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner or Chief Constable / Deputy Chief Constable declared in accordance with their obligations under relevant ethical requirements/codes.

Rules relating to the business and proceedings of the commissioner

Further details of the Commissioner’s procedures for making decisions can be found in the Rules relating to the Business and Proceedings of the Commissioner and the Chief Constable which form Chapter 2 of the Scheme of Corporate Governance and are available on the Commissioner’s website.

Who can I contact?

For further information on the decision making process, please contact the Commissioner’s Senior Governance and Performance Officer, Matt Walton on 01606 364000 or email [email protected]