MD15. Request for funding for Mobile Phone Examination Kiosks - Postponed

10. Treasury Management Strategy 2017/18

11. 2017/18 Budget and Council Tax Precept


Decision reports

2. Medium Term Financial Strategy

3. Priority Based Budgeting: Change Process

4. Estate Strategy Principles

5. Report from Audit Advisory Committee

6. Procurement of External Audit.

7. Joint Strategic Risk Register

8.Priority Based Budgeting: Change Process

9.Joint Strategic Risk Register


Decision reports

MD7. Victim Strategy Refresh - Postponed

MD6. Little Book of Big Scams - Postponed

17 National Collaboration Agreement for Property and Wireless Telegraphy Interference Authorisations

18 Provision of Internal Audit Services from 1 April 2017


Decision reports

 12 Certificate in knowledge of policing: review and options

13 National Collaboration Agreement for property and wireless telegraphy interference authorisations – item deferred

14 Medium Term Financial Strategy 2017-22

15 Joint Strategic Risk Register

16 Funding for mobile ‘phone examination kiosks


Decision reports

11. Forensics Analytical Services Collaboration


Decision reports


4. Treasury Management outturn report 2016/16

5. Cycle to Work Scheme

6. Local Government Pension Scheme: Employers Discretions Policy

7. Intelligence and tasking review outcome:: Resource request - item withdrawn

8. Audit issues: External and internal audit plans for 2016/17 and the minutes of the Audit Advisory Committee, 24th May 2016

9. Revenue and capital outturn 2015/2016

10. Risk Management Framework and the Joint Strategic Risk Register


Decision reports

1. Governance arrangements

2. Strategies, policies and procedures

3. Codes of conduct for the Commissioner and staff of the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner


Decision reports