The Freedom of Information (FoI) Act 2000 gives a general right of access to all types of recorded information held by public authorities, sets out exemptions from that right, and places a number of obligations on public authorities. This includes central and local government, non-departmental public bodies, the police, the health service and schools, colleges and universities. 

In addition to the general right of access we publish a Publication Scheme, a document which contains links to some of the OPCCs most used information. This makes information available to the public as part of normal business activities and enables the public to access information readily, without recourse to Freedom of Information requests.

Any person who makes a request to a public authority for information must be informed whether the authority holds that information and, subject to exemptions, supplied with that information.

How do I make a request?

To make a FoI request, please write to us at:

Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner for Cheshire
Freedom of Information Requests
Stockton Heath Police Station
Grappenhall Road

or send an email with the subject FOI Request. 

If you wish to make a request for your own information you must make a request under the Data Protection Act 2018. Information on how to do this is below.

Subject Access Requests

Under the Data Protection Act 2018 you have the right to a copy of the information that is held about you. This is known as a subject access request (SAR). Please note that the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner is a separate organisation to Cheshire Constabulary and as such we do not hold information regarding criminal records. 

How do I make a request?

To make a subject access request please write to us at the address above. For us to be able to process your request we will need proof of identity. Alternately please send an email marked Subject Access Request.

Disclosure log

We have received the following requests made to the OPCC under the FoI legislation.

October 2019 Email Funding for the National Ugly Mugs (NUM) scheme 07/10/2019
October 2019 Email Branded PCC merchandise 07/10/2019
October 2019 Email Taser 07/10/2019
October 2019 Email Uninsured vehicles detected by ANPR cameras in Cheshire 07/10/2019
September 2019 Email Police & Crime Commissioner meetings/telephone calls with MPs in Warrington North and Warrington South 23/10/2019
September 2019 Email Agency Labour Spend 24/09/2019
September 2019 Email Police & Crime Commissioner Register of Interests 11/09/2019
August 2019 Email Police & Crime Commissioner meetings/telephone calls with Cheshire MPs 24/09/2019
August 2019 Email Correspondence in relation to the youth climate strikes 03/09/2019
August 2019 Email Police & Crime Commissioner correspondence to former Prime Minister Rt Hon Theresa May MP 11/09/2019
August 2019 Email Non-stop and uninsured road traffic collisions 12/08/2019
July 2019 Email Subject Access Requests 06/08/2019
July 2019 Email Letters from the Police & Crime Commissioner to local MPs in relation to the independent review of fox hunting in Cheshire 20/08/2019
July 2019 Email Apprenticeship entry (Policing Education Qualifications Framework) 06/08/2019
July 2019 Email Consultation response for the 'powers for dealing with unauthorised development and encampments' 26/07/2019
July 2019 Email Forfeiture of police pension 24/07/2019
June 2019 Email Formal complaint against OPCC staff 18/07/2019
June 2019 Email Request for copy of IPCC report 02/07/2019
June 2019 Email Crime statistics for motorcycle theft and convictions 02/07/2019
May 2019 Email Facial recognition technology 03/06/2019
May 2019 Email Council tax precept 03/06/2019
April 2019 Email OPCC organisational structure 17/05/2019
March 2019 Email Recorded incidents in Whitegate, Cheshire 29/03/2019
March 2019 Email Declarable interests and associations of Cheshire Constabulary officers/staff 29/03/2019
March 2019 Email Incidents reported by MPs in relation to personal safety and the number of prosecutions 29/03/2019
March 2019 Email Cost of independent review of fox hunting across Cheshire 02/04/2019
March 2019 Email Correspondence between Police and Crime Commissioner David Keane and local MPs Chris Matheson and Mike Amesbury on the subject of illegal hunting 03/04/2019
March 2019 Email Cost of independent review of fox hunting across Cheshire 02/04/2019
March 2019 Email Cost of independent review of fox hunting across Cheshire and details of any meetings held between the current Police & Crime Commissioner for Cheshire, or any member of his staff, with any organisation which has as one of its aims to oppose fox hunting 01/04/2019
February 2019 Email 25 February 2019 Public Scrutiny Board - Attendance 27/03/2019
February 2019 Email Speeding ticket, fine and subsequent correspondence 21/03/2019
February 2019 Email Letter from Cheshire Constabulary to MPs in relation to fox hunting 21/03/2019
February 2019 Email Provision of Restorative Justice and Mediation Services for Victims of Crime 19/03/2019
February 2019 Email Procurement of telecoms and IT hardware and services 19/03/2019
February 2019 Email Cost of independent review of fox hunting across Cheshire 07/03/2019
February 2019 Email Fox hunting - inappropriate comments by Cheshire Constabulary in regard to social media posts 04/03/2019
January 2019 Email Cost of independent review of fox hunting across Cheshire and communications with local residents / MPs in relation to hunting. 27/02/2019
January 2019 Email Communications with Cheshire Constabulary in relation to fox hunting, conduct of Cheshire Constabulary and complaints against Cheshire Constabulary. 27/02/2019
January 2019 Email Dog Theft. 13/02/2019
January 2019 Email Provision of communications support for the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner. 19/02/2019
January 2019 Email Information regarding a hunting relating incident. 13/02/2019
January 2019 Email M6 average speed cameras. 13/02/2019
January 2019 Email Disabled people taking part in protests. 13/02/2019
January 2019 Email Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) performance indicator reports) 13/02/2019
January 2019 Email Review team for the Independent review of fox hunting across Cheshire. 07/02/2019
January 2019 Email Police officer training in relation to wildlife / hunting law. 07/02/2019
January 2019 Email Total sum of money paid to local charities or good causes. 11/02/2019
December 2018 Email Details in relation to former Chief Constable Bryne's gross misconduct hearing. 25/01/2019
December 2018 Email Details in relation to former Chief Constable Bryne's gross misconduct hearing. 23/01/2019
December 2018 Email Cheshire Independent Custody Visiting Scheme. 25/01/2019
December 2018 Email Amount paid to the Red Snapper Group for the independent review of fox hunting across Cheshire. 09/2019
December 2018 Email Allegations of bullying within the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner. 23/01/2019
December 2018 Email OPCC budget. 25/01/2019
December 2018 Email Audio recordings from former Chief Constable Byrne’s gross misconduct hearing. 21/01/2019
November 2018 Email  Details of third party hate crime reporting centres 13/12/2018
November 2018 Email Total allocation to the force & total allocation within that budget and costs associated with the Office of the PCC, Office of the Deputy PCC, and any related governance activities. 22/11/2018
November 2018 Email Details of external organisations who are paid to advertise vacant roles within the OPCC on their website.  Details of websites/organsations used to advertise vacant roles & contact information for HR dept responsible for publishing & promoting vacancies in the PCC's office. 22/11/2018
November 2018 Email Request for arrangements that Igas have made with regards their current planning application for flaring at Ellesmere Port Well. 22/11/2018
October 2018 Email IT queries 17/10/2018
October 2018 Email Details of the PCC, DPCC or OPCC staff who have attended policital party conferences in Sept/Oct 2018.  Include any annual leave taken and how much public money was spent of accommodation, travel, entertainment and subsistence and sundry expenses.  Copies of any correspondence between the PCC and OPCC staff regarding any aspect of the trip 23/10/2018
October 2018 Email Costs of subscribing to CoPaCC & details on when CoPaCC have carried out transparancy reports 17/10/2018
October 2018 Email Policy and procedures on recording calls, unacceptable behaviour, anc complaints. 23/10/2018
October 2018 Email Costs so far accumulated in relation to Simon Byrne including salary, pension, expenses and legal costs to the force.  Also include costs for the misconduct hearing and investigation held into the allegations against the Simon Byrne including legal costs, venue hire, and stenographer 23/10/2018
October 2018 Email Buildings that the force occupies on a leasehold basis where they have 9 or more years unexpired 18/10/2018
September 2018 Letter Queries regarding the allegations of gross misconduct of Simon Byrne. 22/10/2018
September 2018 Email Number of assaults against Police Officers in Halton from 2016 to Sept 2018 14/09/2018
September 2018 Email Use of SAP products 11/09/2018
August 2018 Email Transcripts and or audio recordings of public gross misconduct hearing Simon Byrne - evidence heard by witnesses on 10th and 11th  July 2018 25/10/2018
July 2018 Email Expenses 21/08/2018
June 2018 Email What budget has the OPCC set aside for the costs associated with commissioning Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) services? This might include staff costs, legal costs, cost of market engagement events etc. Please supply the answer as total budget for the financial year 2018/19. 23/07/2018
May 2018 Email  Details around the Chief Constable suspension and the costs involved 26/06/2018
May 2018 Letter Joint details of staff who have been given 'Living Wage' since May 2016.  And when the PCC introduced the living wage to staff. 01/06/2018
May 2018 Email  Breakdown of number of residents who responded to the Council Tax Precept Survey 2018/19.  What options respondents were given, and the final results 31/05/2018
April 2018 Email  Results of the PCC precept survey including number of responses via all channels, and where links to the survey could be accessed. 11/05/2018
April 2018 Email  Register of premises or land owned or occupied for the purposes of the OPCC and the functions on the force for 2017/18 03/05/2018
March 2018 Email Details of courier service contracts that were outsourced and in-house. 26th April 2018
March 2018 Email Details of software used to handle press release/media enquires. 28th March 2018
February 2018 Email Details of contributions/ budget to prevent Key Forensic Services going into administration in Jan/Feb 2018.  How much the Force contributed to bailout of Key Forensic Services. How many open cases and the type of offence being investigated as of 31.1.18. 26th March 2018
February 2018 Email Documentation from Metropolitan Police pertaining to recent changes in police recruitment processes and use of positive action under Section 159 of the Equality Act. 19th March 2018
February 2018 Email Request for name of solicitor who are acting on behalf of Simon Byrne hearing for Gross Misconduct. 14th March 2018
February 2018 Email Salaries of PCC & DPCC, cost of running PCC including  percentage increase each year & expenses paid to PCC & DPCC for 2015/16 2016/17 2017/18.  Budget consultation responses/employee pay rises/ data re loss of police officers if no rise in the precept 9th March 2018
February 2018 Email  A breakdown of the full cost of the suspension of Chief Constable Simon Byrne. This should include, but not be limited to, the cost of his pay whilst suspended, the cost of any additional allowances received by those taking on his responsibilities, the cost of legal advice and the cost of officer time spent on issues related to Mr Byrne’s suspension. 9th March 2018
January 2018 Email Details of social media accounts and policies, Google services used, and breakdown of expenditure of advertising via social media.  22nd February 2018
January 2018 Email Details of grants awarded relating to victims of stalking 14th January 2018
January 2018 Email List of meetings and appointments carried out by DPCC since 18.10.17 6th February 2018
December 2017 Email Details of energy supplier, tariff and cost 17th January 2018
December 2017 Letter Cost of OPCC move from HQ to Stockton Heath & dates/times of formal meetings between the PCC and Warrington North MP

8th January 2017
November 2017 Email Misconduct Panel expenses/fees 6th December 2017
November 2017 Email Sexual harassment complaints by staff 29th November 2017
October 2017 Email Independent Observers for protests and demonstrations 16th November 2017
September 2017 Email Details of costs for transport, accommodation, communications, entertaining, other expenses, and gifts received or given  for the former and current PCC and DPCC 2nd October 2017
August 2017 Email Details of external police force who dealt with investigation into allegations made against the Chief Constable and rank of the officer who oversaw the investigation. 25th September 2017
August 2017 Email How much has the PCC spent on services for Victims, sexual violence and domestic violence for each financial year since 2009-2017 5th September 2017
July 2017 Email Recorded Incidents of workplace bullying lodged against the PCC 16th August 2017
July 2017 Email Funding from PCC to support victims of Rape & Sexual Assaults 16th August 2017
18th May 2017 Email Details of salary of CEO and start date. Details of staff who have left OPCC, reasons and exit payments 19th June 2017
23rd April 2017 Email The number of applicants for the role of DPCC from each area of Cheshire 17th May 2017
7th April 2017 Email Job titles and salaries of OPCC staff 16th May 2017
6th April 2017 Email Recruitment process 9th May 2017
4th April 2017 Email Details of budget for PFI/PF2 projects/schemes/liabilities for 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/18 27th April 2017
30th March 2017 Email Number of murderers and child rapists on the streets of Cheshire 2nd May 2017
6th March 2017 Email Scoring matrix from DPCC interviews 14th March 2017
22nd February 2017 Email Commissioned services for survivors on domestic abuse 15th March 2017
6th February 2017 Email Policy of the PCC on their force failing to police illegal hunts 22nd February 2017
6th February 2017 Email Illegal hunts using dogs 22nd February 2017
16th January 2017 Email Nature of complaints by the public against police officers/staff using PNC illegally and outcomes 14th February 2017
19th January 2017 Email PCCs response to the College of Policing’s consultation on the Policing Education and Qualifications Framework 26th January 2017
2nd November 2016 Email Community Remedy 30th October 2016
27th October 2016 Email Details of former PCC meetings with HMIC Inspector 2015/16 23rd November 2016
7th October 2016 Email Estates related matters 3rd November 2016
6th October 2016 Email Details software contracts/expenditure/licences 3rd November 2016
3rd October 2016 Email Details of David Keane's meetings with HMIC Inspector in 2015/2016 27th October 2016
15th September 2016 Email Victim Services provider 12th October 2016
30th August 2016 Email FOI request details 2015/16 27th September 2016
9th August 2016 Email Contractual terms for Chief Constable and Chief Officers 7th September 2016
16th May 2016 Email Number of people who have been blocked on the PCCs Twitter account 15th June 2016
14th May 2016 Email Salaries of staff in the OPCC 14th June 2016
4th May 2016 Email Details of OPCC staff redundancies/dismissals 2nd June 2016
3rd May 2016 Email Financial information 18th May 2016