Posted on Thursday 27th October

Chief Constable Simon Byrne and Cheshire Police & Crime Commissioner David Keane made a special presentation to staff at Cheshire CARES – the Constabulary’s support service for victims, funded by the Commissioner.

Mr Keane and Mr Byrne presented the team with a cake to mark a milestone of taking 3,000 calls this month.

Mr Keane said: “The team have shown they are dedicated, compassionate and keen to support all victims of crime.

“Whatever the length of contact every victim of crime deserves the right level of service to meet their unique needs regardless of whether they wish to report the crime to the police. I hope the work of CARES provides assurance to victims across the county that the support is there for them if they want it.”

Cheshire Cares provides valuable support for all victims of crime and ensure that more victims are getting the support they need to cope and recover from their ordeal faster and based on what they need as an individual.

Mr Keane said: “The staff and volunteers working in Cheshire CARES show great commitment and this milestone is a great example of what they are doing for our communities. I would like say a big thank you for all their hard work.”

Chief Constable Simon Byrne said: “I’d like to take this opportunity to thank those at Cheshire CARES for the great work they are doing to support victims and showing our communities we’re here for them. Cheshire Constabulary remains committed to tackling crime, keeping people safe and supporting victims.”