Posted on Friday 22nd December

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Have your say on the new police community base

A four-week consultation exercise took place from 3 November to 1 December to seek views of the Chester Villages community on a proposal to make changes to the existing Mickle Trafford police base on the School Lane site.  The proposal was to relocate to nearby Mickle Trafford Village Hall, where a community police base would be created offering improved public access.

Overall, 202 residents took part in the initial consultation and some agreed that the relocation of the police base is appropriate.  Although a number of residents raised concerns regarding the suitability of the village hall as a police base; such as limited parking and the fact that the hall already serves a number of purposes, it does still remain an option.

However, following a review of the responses to the consultation, Acting Chief Constable, Janette McCormick, has decided to broaden the search for possible alternative locations before making a final recommendation to the Police and Crime Commissioner on the proposal.

During the course of the next four weeks, the Constabulary will be working to identify a suitable location for a police post within the Chester Villages community. Residents are also being invited to have their say and be given the opportunity to put forward their suggestions.

The new police post will need to meet the following criteria:

  • be located within the Chester Villages ward;
  • have parking facilities;
  • be easily accessible to local residents;
  • have the space and facilities to accommodate police surgeries and confidential conversations.

The relocation of Mickle Trafford Police is part of the Constabulary’s wider estates strategy which aims to deliver an estate that will be more efficient and cost-effective to run, while remains flexible to respond to operational need and provide a police presence that is connected with the community.

A review of the estate in Chester Local Policing Unit (LPU) has identified an opportunity in Mickle Trafford where it is believed changes could be made which maintain current policing presence and operational effectiveness whilst making more efficient use of the police estate.

Once a suitable base has been located the current site would be surplus to operational requirements and available for disposal. Any proceeds from the disposal will be reinvested in future police estates proposals across Cheshire.

The aim of the consultation is to make a recommendation about a suitable location for the new community police base to the Police and Crime Commissioner, who will make the final decision about the new base.

​Residents have suggested a number of alternative locations which could be options for a community police post within the Chester Villages ward / community, which include:

  • Barrow Village Hall
  • Tarvin Village Hall
  • Chester Rugby Club
  • Pre-school building, School Lane, Mickle Trafford
  • Mickle Trafford Village Hall
  • Guilden Sutton Village Hall