Cheshire Constabulary has sought feedback on a proposal to relocate Mickle Trafford police to the nearby Mickle Trafford Village Hall.

Mickle Trafford police station (pictured below) is located on School Lane and is currently not occupied on a permanent basis and doesn’t operate a designated help desk. It is only used as a local office base and a refreshment facility on a drop in basis only for police officers and staff.

Mickle Trafford Village Hall (pictured below) is located a short distance away on Warrington Road and has been identified as a suitable location for a police community base. It has the space and facilities to accommodate the same service for members of the public that are currently being delivered at the police station.

Under this proposal, the new location would be open to the public and be staffed by a Police Community Support Officer every week in accordance with advertised opening hours. In addition, it will also be used by officers and staff as part of their regular duties in the area. External signage would be utilised to indicated when the police post is open. This arrangement would offer an enhanced public service to the village.    

The map below shows the location of the two buildings.

If the proposal is agreed, the current site would be surplus to operational requirements and available for disposal. Any proceeds from the disposal will be reinvested in future police estates proposals across Cheshire.

The online survey is now closed. The results will be reported to the Police and Crime Commissioner, who will make a decision and feedback from the survey.