Posted on Monday 8th August

With weeks to go until Creamfields 2016, Cheshire Constabulary has been working hard to ensure the festival is enjoyed safely and securely, both for those attending the event and also the surrounding communities.

This year, the festival has been extended to a fourth day, with 70,000 music fans expected to descend on the Daresbury site for the 11th year.

Policing the event is a considerable undertaking, and the Constabulary works closely with the event organisers, local authorities, parish councils and other agencies as part of the planning process to ensure that the event runs safely and smoothly and, importantly, minimise disruption to the local community.

A variety of roles will be undertaken throughout the weekend. Within the site, officers will be present to prevent incidents of crime and disorder, regularly patrolling the campsite to provide reassurance to campers deterring thieves and supporting the security staff.

Externally, officers will be involved with traffic management and policing in the local community that surrounds the site.

Inspector Stewart Sheer, who leads on the police planning for the event, said: “We have spent several months planning our approach to policing this year’s festival, using our experience of previous years to ensure we are as prepared as possible to ensure everyone enjoys the event safely.

“Festival goers are reminded that security, as ever, will be tight at the event. Security measures will be in place and it is important that those attending are aware of these.

“Those who try to bring drugs into the event by whatever means will have positive action taken by police. Searches are a condition of entry and drugs dogs will be used at the entrances to the site. There will again be surrender bins placed at the entrances for festival goers to deposit any drugs or weapons, and anyone who is subsequently found with drugs or weapons on-site – having not placed them into the bins – will be dealt with robustly.

“I would advise anyone considering bringing any such items to not bring them in the first place.”

A police contact point will be set up on the site and festival goers are urged to report any incidents over the weekend to officers at the on-site police stations. They will be clearly signposted within the Campsite and near the North Entrance.  

As normal, officers from Runcorn and Warrington Local Policing Units will be working throughout the course of the weekend to deal with any issues that might arise in the local community, to minimise any disruption to local residents and to reassure members of the public.

Police and Crime Commissioner David Keane said: “I understand the impact this event has on the local community, but I am pleased to see that officers – working with partner organisations – will be doing everything they can to ensure disruption is minimised, and are taking steps to help festival goers enjoy themselves without putting themselves at risk.

“This is one of the biggest events in the Cheshire police calendar and I am grateful to the officers who work tirelessly throughout the weekend each year. I hope that everyone enjoys themselves and stays safe.”

Further details about the policing operations for Creamfields 2016 will be released in the coming weeks.