Posted on Tuesday 13th December

“A police service focused on community policing, putting victims first.”

David Keane, Police & Crime Commissioner for Cheshire, is setting out his vision for policing in Cheshire as he publishes his Police & Crime Plan. The Plan, which will run between 2016-21, is the culmination of a development process which has included Cheshire residents every step of the way, from getting the public views on their policing priorities, to giving communities the opportunity to comment on the Plan itself.

David said: “Making sure that residents, community leaders and our partners have a strong voice in the development of the Plan was a major focus for me as soon as I came into office. I have been delighted to get so many responses and I am pleased that the level of support for the priorities and commitments set out in the Plan has been overwhelming.

“The Plan sets out the priorities which the Chief Constable will deliver and how we will work together with partners to make sure people feel safe in their homes and their communities. The legacy will be; a police service fit for the future which is connected and accessible to local communities; services supporting victims and protecting the vulnerable; and a clear focus on preventing crime and anti-social behaviour.”

On publishing the Plan, which is now available on his website, the Commissioner has confirmed that he is now developing a range of measures and actions to monitor the success of achieving the priorities. These measures will be made available to the public on his website.

The Commissioner outlined: “I have always said that I want to make policing in Cheshire more transparent and accountable to the public. I will be acting as the public’s elected representative in holding the Chief Constable to account and I think it is only right that the public have access to information that allows them to see how their police service is doing.”

In conclusion the Commissioner commented: “I will continue to be your voice in policing and will be listening to what you think of policing in the county and will refresh the Plan as required to make sure it remains relevant and delivers even safer communities for the whole of Cheshire.”



I will continue to be your voice in policing and will be listening to what you think of policing in the county.