Posted on Monday 4th June

Cinnamon Network and the county's police and crime commissioner have launched a new partnership at The Salt Works in Northwich.

More than 70 church representatives, local authority, police and other agencies came together to see how stronger links could be developed and to make the most of opportunities to connect and work together to support the people of Cheshire .

David Keane, police and crime commissioner for Cheshire, has agreed to fund 10 micro-grants through Cinnamon Network to help local churches across the county kick start social action projects in their area.

Cinnamon Network recognises that a high proportion of calls coming to the police nationally are “non-crime” related. This situation is mirrored across the county and has led to the partnership with Cheshire's police and crime commissioner and Cheshire Constabulary to give the most appropriate support to vulnerable people.

David said: “I am delighted to be working in partnership with Cinnamon Network to support vulnerable people within the community. This new partnership aims to not only to ease the strain on the police service, but also to provide a more effective support to those in need.

"Our faith communities are vital to helping us better protect the most vulnerable in society. Funding these projects gives us the opportunity to further enhance the role of our faith community, enabling us to spread the best practice across the county"

"Cinnamon has a great reputation for delivering fantastic projects and together I believe we can make our communities not only safer, but happier places to live and work.”

“The micro-grants will help establish a vast array of projects to tackle key issues faced by communities across the county, whilst supporting residents of any faith or no faith at all.”

Alison Linfield, police partnership manager for Cinnamon, said: "This is a great opportunity to support locally based faith groups and to work with Cheshire Constabulary. I am excited about the good work that can be started by these new micro-grants and the broader support available. I look forward to hearing about the projects they instigate and the people whose lives they transform"

Churches once they have identified the main areas of need in their neighbourhoods, can apply for a micro-grant to help them start one of over 30 tried and tested “off the shelf" community based Cinnamon Recognised Projects (CRP).

Cinnamon's projects support four areas of community need, which reflect the priorities of the county's police and crime commissioner
• creating safe places for children and young people
• supporting safer, stronger families
• building safer, stronger communities
• fighting poverty

A micro-grant up to £2,000 available; applications will need to be match funded by any church wishing to start a CRP. This can be through in-kind contribution as well as cash.

The 10 micro-grants are now available for churches across Cheshire. For more information about the 30 Cinnamon Recognised Projects and how to apply go to: http://www.cinnamonnetwork.co.uk/cinnamon-micro-grants-cheshire/