Posted on Tuesday 27th February

Cheshire police and crime commissioner, David Keane, was joined by Weaver Vale MP, Mike Amesbury, on a recent patrol of Runcorn. 

The pair were given a tour of the patch by Duncan Brown, the hero PCSO who, in December, fended off a knife attack while out performing his duties.

Their patrol took in different parts of the town which included several problem areas, including an underpass in Palacefields where there had been some issues around youth anti-social behaviour. 

The MP is now writing to a local housing trust to try and secure funding for an additional camera to try and help tackle the problem.

Mr Keane and Mr Amesbury spoke to residents about some of the issues affecting them, as well as officers at Runcorn Police Station about some of the challenges they faced.

After the patrol, they also popped into a local residential home where they shared a brew with some of the retired residents.

Mike, said: “It was good to get out on the patch and see some of the issues our officers are dealing with day-to-day.

“I’ve met Duncan before and it’s clear he knows a great deal about the area, having forged links with the community over a period of time and helping to form that vital bridge between the local community and the police.”

David Keane, added: “It was great to have Mike Amesbury MP out with us in Runcorn.

“We enjoyed being out on patrol with one of our PCSOs, looking at some difficult issues and problem solving as we walked. It was also great to meet a number of local residents, who were only too happy to discuss local issues with us too.

“Mike’s visit was also appreciated by those at Runcorn Police Station who were really pleased to see his involvement and interest.”