Posted on Wednesday 7th February

The Police (Conduct) Regulations 2012 Regulation 27A Notice -

Gross Misconduct Hearing concerning former Cheshire Chief Constable Simon Byrne.

The hearing is to be held in public.

The Chair of the Independent Panel adjourned proceedings at the end of the 17 September 2018 to enable the panel to deliberate on their findings. It has been confirmed by the Chair that once the panel has reached its conclusions, they will be provided in outline to the Appropriate Authority and Mr Byrne under embargo. This will be followed by a full report from the panel detailing the its findings with reasons.

Details of the charge (pdf)


Conditions of entry: 

Members of the public are asked to adhere to the following conditions when attending the hearing.

Conditions of entry (pdf)


Further information:

Further information can be found in the misconduct hearing key facts (pdf)

Panel decision on Chief Constable Byrne's stay application (pdf)