Posted on Friday 5th January

Dear Cheshire residents and businesses,

In late December 2017, the Government announced a freeze in police funding for 2018/19.

With inflation rising and public sector pay increases on the horizon, maintaining Government grant ‘flat-cash’ funding for police services at the same levels for the next financial year (2018-19) means, in real terms, a cut of around five million pounds to the Cheshire police budget.

This £5million shortfall is equivalent to losing 100 police officers from Cheshire’s communities, in addition to dealing with new and growing threats such as rising crime levels, cybercrime and terrorism.

To plug the funding gap and to support strong community policing, I need to consider the options we have as a community to raise money locally via the Council Tax precept.

I would be grateful if you could give your view below so that I can make a decision that is truly reflective of feelings of residents and businesses in Cheshire.

Take part in the survey: Please note the survey has now closed. Thank you.

David Keane

Police and Crime Commissioner for Cheshire