Posted on Tuesday 10th October

Cheshire Constabulary consulted the public on proposals to relocate Frodsham Police Station and got an overwhelmingly positive response.

The consultation, which opened on 29 August and closed on 25 September, asked the public their views on proposals to relocate the police station from its current site to the town’s fire station, both of which are located in Ship Street. 

The fire station was identified as a suitable location for a joint police and fire base with the space and facilities to accommodate the same services for officers, staff and members of the public that are currently being delivered at the police station.

Overall, 358 surveys were completed from members of the public taking part in the public consultation.

Overwhelmingly, 339 member s of the public (95%) agreed that the relocation of Frodsham Police Station is appropriate.  Of the 358 members of the public, 348 (97%) also agreed that Frodsham Fire Station is accessible for local residents.

If the proposal goes ahead, the current site would be available for sale, with the Force ensuring that any subsequent proposals for the site do not unduly impact on the local amenity.  Any money made would be reinvested in future modernised, fit for purpose police estates across Cheshire.  A decision will be made at a later date.

Assistant Chief Officer Julie Gill said: “There will be no change in service for the public in Frodsham as a result of the relocation and the police contact point outside the police station will be moved to the new location.  There will also be clear signage to identify the fire station as a Cheshire Constabulary police post.”

The proposed move came about as part of the collaboration agreement between the Police & Crime Commissioner for Cheshire and Cheshire Fire Authority.  There is a commitment from both to provide a fit-for-purpose property portfolio based on the future operational needs of both organisations.  This includes identifying and agreeing opportunities for co-location.

Police & Crime Commissioner David Keane said: “In line with my policing plan, I am continually looking for ways to ensure we have a modern service that is fit for purpose despite the financial constraints we face.  While it is a challenge, we will continue to be innovative and collaborate to ensure those who live, work and visit the county get the best possible service.”

The results can be found on the Police & Crime Commissioner website (