Posted on Thursday 9th June

CC David Keane with newly attested Special Constable Jonathan Carter and his familyOn Monday night (6th June) Police & Crime Commissioner David Keane had the opportunity to welcome Cheshire Constabulary’s latest intake of Special Constables.

During the formal attestation event which saw the new recruits swear their oath in-front of family, friends and members of the Constabulary, the Commissioner took the opportunity to publically reaffirm his Oath of Office.

Reflecting on the evening’s events David said: "Being able to publically reaffirm my Oath of Office was something I felt very passionately about. I am immensely proud to have taken up the role of Commissioner and felt it important to publically set out my commitment. It was a real honour to share the stage with a new set of Special Constables who are volunteering to help the Constabulary keep our communities safe. I was delighted to be able to welcome the new recruits.

“The role that volunteers play as part of the police family, whether it be as a police support volunteer, a cadet or a special is vital and I am certain those I met last night will support and add value to frontline and neighbourhood policing in Cheshire."

David Keane is pictured with newly attested Special Constable Jonathan Carter and his family.