Posted on Thursday 26th May

Cheshire Police & Crime Commissioner David Keane has welcomed legislation which makes psychoactive substances illegal.

From today (Thursday 26th May 2016) it will be illegal to sell or supply any psychoactive substance.

Psychoactive substances are often referred to as legal highs and used as an umbrella term for products that are intended to mimic the effects of controlled drugs. The term 'legal' implies that these substances are safer than controlled drugs, but in reality many contain a cocktail of chemicals including controlled substances, and side effects cannot be predicted.

David said: "I’m reassured to see that psychoactive drugs are now illegal.  Just because they have been known as 'legal highs' doesn’t mean they are safe - they can kill - and people are playing Russian roulette each and every time they take them."

David added: "Cheshire Constabulary, working closely with local authorities, has done much to remove this scourge from the streets by taking action against some of the shops supplying these drugs. Now that the law has been passed, I’m confident that the Constabulary will use this to tackle those who may flout the law, supplying these drugs to our communities."