Posted on Tuesday 24th October

Ahead of Hallowe’en, Cheshire’s emergency services want young people to understand the impact their actions can have on victims and the local community.

Cheshire Constabulary and Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service want you to have a fun this Hallowe’en but to do so safely and within the law.

There will be an increased officer and firefighter’s presence across the county to provide reassurance to the local community this Hallowe'en period.

Superintendent Richard Rees, who is leading on the policing operation said: “This year it is really important for us to work with our local communities and partners to establish what their priorities are over this period. As a police service it is really important that we police with consent, and we make sure our policing operation reflects the needs of our communities.

“Our officers have been working really hard in the run up to Hallowe’en seeking feedback from our communities on how we police during this busy period. Come and talk to us while we’re out and about in your community, and let us know how we can help you.

“We recognise anti-social behaviour and arson can have a significant impact on the victim and to the local community and this is why it is vital that we work extremely hard to keep our communities safe.

“Hallowe’en by nature is a fun time of year, however for some members of the public, it can leave them feeling vulnerable and scared. We have been making sure that young people in our community are aware that their actions have consequences, and what may seem like a bit of harmless fun, can have a significant impact on the victim and to the local community.

“We have been spending time educating young people by visiting them in schools and talking to them while out and about in the community. Anti-social behaviour is unacceptable behaviour and if you fall victim of this type of crime we do not want you to suffer alone - will be there for you when and where you need us.”

Police & Crime Commissioner for Cheshire, David Keane said: “I am really pleased that the Constabulary has taken a consultative approach to their policing operation this year. The public of Cheshire have told me that anti-social behaviour is really important to them and is an issue they wish to see the Constabulary take action on, having further dialogue around some of the problems associated with Halloween will really help us to get the policing right and minimize harm.

“One of my key policing priorities is to support victims and protect the vulnerable. Halloween can be a worrying time for some of our more vulnerable members of our communities, hence it is really important to me that the Constabulary continues to educate young people of the consequences their actions can have during this busy period and make this time of year a fun as well as safe one.”

Colin Heyes, Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service’s Arson Reduction Manager said: “Firefighters have been working hard to reduce the number of deliberate fires over the Hallowe’en period, but there are a number of things that members of the public can do to reduce the risk of arson. By ensuring your wheelie bins are stored away and secure and any rubbish not left out in the open, you can reduce the risk of deliberate fires.

“Fires caused by anti-social behaviour are nuisance fires and can quickly spread out of control. Crews have been out in hotspot areas talking to local residents and educating them on what they can do to reduce the risk of arson, and what safety advice they should follow should they fall victim to this type of crime.

“Hallowe’en is a fun time of year, where families dress up in costumes and fill their houses with spooky decorations. While we want you all to have fun, it is also important to remember that Hallowe’en costumes can be extremely flammable. Check the labelling in any costumes you buy, and tell your child to take care when near an open flame. Also, consider using LED lights in pumpkins instead of candles. If you do use candles, be extra careful both inside and outside the home.”

Anyone who believes they have been victim a victim of crime or anti-social behaviour over the Hallowe’en period do not hesitate in reporting it to Cheshire police on 101. In the result of a fire, contact Cheshire Fire & Rescue service on 999.


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