Posted on Tuesday 21st November

Cheshire Police and Crime Commissioner David Keane issues rallying call for a fairer funding settlement for Cheshire Constabulary

Cheshire Police and Crime Commissioner David Keane today issues a challenge to the Chancellor to provide fair funding for Cheshire’s police force in order to protect frontline services.

As the Chancellor gears up to announce the Autumn Budget tomorrow (Wednesday, 22nd November), Cheshire’s Police Commissioner has continued his fight for a fairer funding settlement for the region by issuing an open letter outlining the challenges that could be posed by a “woeful” flat cash settlement.

The call comes as Cheshire Constabulary is faced with finding a further £13million worth of cuts to services over the next three years – which would most likely impact frontline services in the heart of Cheshire’s communities – on top of over £60 million made over the last seven years.

“As budget cuts bite deeper due to austerity – and if the Government refuses to listen to the people of Cheshire – we will be faced with making some incredibly difficult decisions when it comes to the future of the force in Cheshire,” said David Keane.And the responsibility for this rests with the Government. That’s why I’m calling on the voices of the people of Cheshire to be heard in the corridors of power before it’s too late.”

The Cheshire Police and Crime Commissioner has called on the Cheshire community to back his call for fairer funding, in order to protect plans to ensure a local police presence is available to everyone.

“When I was given the honour of being elected Cheshire’s Police Commissioner, I made a promise to fight for the people of Cheshire. I’d encourage everyone who cares about their safety and security, and that of their communities and their families, to join me in making sure that our collective voices are heard when it comes to a fairer settlement for Cheshire Police. Whilst the Budget sets the agenda for the nations finances, a lot of the detail is yet to be decided, hence the need for us to carry on fighting for a fairer deal for Cheshire.”

A copy of the open letter can be found below:

PCC - An open letter to the Chancellor.