Friday 16th December

Earlier in the week I was delighted to publish my Police & Crime Plan for Cheshire. It is a Plan for all of Cheshire. It sets the priorities which Simon Byrne, the Chief Constable, will deliver so that people feel safe in their homes and communities and sets out my commitment to be your voice in policing in Cheshire.

In developing the Plan, I have listened carefully to what you told me is important for your police service as well as speaking to partners and listening to the Chief Constable on the emerging policing threats for our county.

The Plan sets out a vision for the next four years in which Cheshire will have a Constabulary focused on community policing, putting victim’s first. The legacy will be a police service fit for the future which is connected with, based within and accessible to local communities – real neighbourhood policing.

In achieving this I will bring Cheshire Constabulary, local councils, community safety and criminal justice partners together to make certain that in Cheshire we have the most effective and efficient police service and criminal justice system possible. I will provide you with a voice on both a local, regional and national level to support and challenge those tasked in delivering services for the public.

The Plan sets out the resources available to the Chief Constable to deliver policing services and the funds I will make available to support victims cope and recover, promote community safety and reduce crime, anti-social behaviour and disorder.

Whilst this is a long term Plan, I am committed to continuing to listen to your views on policing. Throughout the next four years I will be spending as much time as possible out and about meeting and hearing from as many of you as I can. Through these conversations and my work with the Chief Constable, I will be able to consider whether this Plan remains relevant for Cheshire and refresh the Plan as needed.

 My Plan is founded on your priorities and is a Plan to deliver even safer communities for the whole of Cheshire.